5 Smart Criterias To Choose A B-school

By | December 24, 2013

A coveted MBA degree is highly desirable for an individual who aspires for a successful career. Certainly, a MBA degree fast-tracks ones career and helps him surge ahead in competition. But heres the catch! Not all MBA programmes assure a great career for you, as they differ in content and of course the business school you choose also matters to a great extent among other things, in deciding the fate of your career.

So, what you should consider in a MBA programme? Well, to help you out in choosing the best MBA programme, here we are listing the top 5 things to look for in a MBA programme.

Look out for these five things and assure yourself of a great career ahead!

1. Infrastructure A number of B-Schools lure prospective students with their 5- star infrastructures swimming pools, pool tables, cafeteria etc. But heres a reality check you end up paying much more for the 5 star treatment. Get real do not get swayed by these marketing gimmicks B-Schools offering for these gimmicks do not have much else to offer.

2. Faculty Choose a B-School which has faculty with at least 10 years of Industry experience. This is essential as MBA is a professional course and cannot be taught by professors. A professional course like MBA cannot be taught by theoretical persons. It can only be taught by those who by virtue of their relevant industry experience have developed expertise in that area. View view-faculty-list to get a glimpse of real industry faculty.

3. Recognition- A large number of students evaluates a B-School on the basis of their recognition from AICTE. A recent Supreme Court ruling in April 2013 has clearly stated that MBA is not a technical course and does not fall under the purview of AICTE. Hence, AICTE cannot recognize / de-recognize MBA institutions.

Students must, therefore, evaluate a management institution on the basis of its recognition in the Industry. Such recognition will be evident by the participation of the Industry in course content formation, teaching students, providing on-the-job training to the students etc.

4. Course Content- With the intense competition in the Industry today, organisations are looking for students who can perform and contribute to the organisation from the very beginning. It is therefore very important that you choose a B-School that offers a curriculum tailored to meet the requirements of the Industry. A university led curriculum is good for research and academics but not for the Industry. To get a glimpse of a real industry led curriculum, visit WLCI School of Business

5. Methodology As discussed above, the Industry prefers those who can perform and contribute to the growth of the organisations. The training methodology thus becomes one of the most critical criterias of choosing a B-School. The training methodology must enable you to acquire real abilities and not just theoretical knowledge so that you can excel at the workplace. One of the best methodologies adopted by a B-School is that of WLCI. Visit WLCI School Of Business

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