EMT Program Assessment Results

By | April 9, 2014

COCHISE COLLEGE PROGRAM/DISCIPLINE ASSESSMENT FORM EMT Spring 2007 Plan Closed 3 Action Plan Based on Results and Analysis Based on what was

The Ohio EMT Refresher Training Program curriculum is the minimum acceptable content that must be included The assessment results should also be used in determining course format, Ohio Approved Emergency Medical Technician Refresher

Analyses of standardized test results have identified persistent achievement gaps for subgroups (KDE, 2009, (Cowan et al, 2002). EMT Associates, Inc. (2003) conducted an independent evaluation. Assessment and Program Accountability.

Offer!the!program.! Assessment!of!Learners’!Content,!Knowledge/Skills! Program!Core to!the!assessment results.! Practice!sessions!via vignettes!are!used! throughoutthe! in!the!EMT! program.!!!!! Implementation!of! new!National!EMS!

2 | Program Assessment Guide This tool was made possible by the generous support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) under the terms of Cooperative Agreement No. GHS-

OFFICE OF INSPECTOR GENERAL Catalyst for Improving the Environment Audit Report Using the Program Assessment Rating Tool as a Management Control Process

Program Assessment Rating Tool (PART) Performance Measurement Validation and Verification FY 2006 Final Report October 23, 2006 . Results validation: After we verified data quality, we recalculated or reconfirmed the results that NSF reported.6

DRAFT PROGRAM EVALUATION TOOL [Insert Initiative] Prepared by [Insert team members] What is the readiness for implementing the program Interim assessment results indicate progress toward proficiency for all students to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

Based on the results of a single assessment tool, but on multiple forms of assessment. Assessment question: Is the program effective with serving the needs of ELLs? Possible formats: Self-study report; external evaluation team report

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