EMT Salary Utah

By | April 16, 2014

Salary Range: $52,000 – $65,000 D.O.Q. + Full Benefit Package Must have performed as an EMT-Paramedic for a minimum of two of the seven years. State of Utah certification as a Hazardous Material Operations.

From the Commission is due to the State of Utah by 5:00 P.M. next Thursday with there is no problem with an EMT doing this as long as they respond for their calls. 2010 will earn a salary, continue to collect his or her retirement benefit and may, at the discretion of the employer,

1 Utah 0.86% 1 Virginia 0.86% 1 Washington 0.86% SALARY All candidates for Firefighter will be initially hired into the temporary position of Fire Trainee Emergency Medical Technician, hazmat operations or

Utah State Fire Chiefs Association. President, Coy Porter, Fire Chief, If you have EMT’s or Paramedics in the department, Compensation is based on the lowest monthly salary of firefighters in a first-class city at the time of death.

Part-time EMT-Basic – $ 12.4348 $18.6522 Part-Time EMT-Intermediate – $ 14.8192 $22.2288 Part-Time This salary schedule is NOT intended as a contract. This salary schedule is intended to show potential salaries of qualified applicants.

Florida Emergency Medical Technician / JT Number _____ Expiration Date:_____ Florida Paramedic / JA Number of payment for my wages or salary, be terminated at any time without prior notice and without cause.

EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIAN-(EMT) Program Overview: Students must be 18-years old by the course end and have a high school diploma Salary Range: Low $30,000/year to start Students must satisfy pre Career Opportunities: Emergency Medical Services,

V areers.sd.go t xplor Educa ppor . Emergency Medical Technician and EMT-Paramedic Salary ? Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and EMT-Paramedics earn an

City of Milpitas INVITES APPLICATIONS FOR: FIREFIGHTER/EMT & FIREFIGHTER/PARAMEDIC Must be 18 years of age or older MONTHLY SALARY: Firefighter/EMT $ 7,180 (Trainee $ 6,329); Firefighter/Paramedic

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