EMTek Door Levers

By | April 20, 2014

levers are horizontal and oval knobs are straight. The minimum door thickness is 1-3/8” and the maximum door thickness is 3”. Application: For single door applications where a latching feature is desired use 9200 lock. For double

Any Jackson exterior door unit. * Emtek and Rocky Mountain entrance trims are available. * Construction Handle shipped w/lock system. 2 www.wfmfg.com designed to hold the levers in the correct position. • The 700 Series locks are through-bolted for additional

Colour.Wecarryknobs,levers,entrysetsandcustomdoorpullsfrommostbrands includingAurum,Baldwin,Emtek,RockyMountain,Weslock,DorexandMedeco. Closer: Listed Closers or listed Spring Hinges, 2 per door leaf Latches: listed latchsets Deadlock:

Door Locks (Knobs & Levers) Misc Door Hardware Handlesets Rosettes Deadbolts Escutcheon Plates Entry Locksets Strikes EMTEK® RIDGELAND SPECIALTY HARDWARE DOOR HARDWARE. DOOR HARDWARE. 605 609 619 621 LT BRIGHT BRASS BRIGHT BRASS ANTIQUE BRASS SATIN NICKEL

Purchase beautiful fiberglass Craftsman style doors along with Emtek Arts and Crafts hardwarethe Arts and Crafts lever. (I tried to post links

Been silver! Emtek has been really an entire line of levers and knobs that great with their line of interior door hardware. Even though the picture

' I talked about. Levers and knobs could be an: * Entry. Some lock makers, like Emtek, also make kitchen and bath hardware, even electrical

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