High School Story – Create Your Own School On This Game For Ios

By | December 7, 2013

The time when you are in high school will definitely be the time that you’ll remember, when you want to remember all those great times, maybe High School Story could be a game for you. Within this game you will experience yet again how well you in high school have a good time with all your friends, throwing a celebration, and much more. Generally, high school story is a fairly easy game with interesting concept, as well as funny 2D graphic and awesome themes, if you want to know more, lets check out what the game provides beneath.


There are several goal on this game that you could complete, you’ll live your live as the high school student and go through story from this. Initially you need to build your character by personalizing its look, face, clothing, plus more. Similar to the Sims, you will need to decorate your home, obtaining new friend, going for a date, and hosting a party. Certain objective had to be complete before you can do all of the things. Various character and student is going to be unlock as soon as you progress additionally you must gather coin plus ring to buy stuff and fresh items.

Aside from living your life as a highschool student, you can even decorate you school and create your very own. If you construct your school, you’ll be able to decorate it with many stuff you may get by buying it with the ring you receive from quest. There are lots of things you will add to your school like unique building, pupil, decor, and more. The control is easy enough you’ll find out it through the tutorial which available when you first playing it. Some user complaining which the quest is simply too long and you’ll need to be back forth to actually complete it, however you will notice that this will make your adventure and your live as student more exciting.

The graphic is fairly good, standard 2D browser based game at Facebook. Like The Sims Social and such, when looking at your building mode, you can view the whole building and location of the school. You can select your starting story either it will likely be romance, an ordinary life, or party life. The designer keep updating this game and you will enjoy a lot of content and also new items for sure. If you love a building simulator, Sims game, and school life, this game is certainly among the best out there. You are able to grab this game on iTunes for free.

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