How to Put Your Kids on a Career Path Early

By | February 19, 2014

How To Put Your Kids on a Career Path Early – If you have teenagers and kids in college, you as a parent have most likely given career advice just as I have done for my daughter who is in college. I have many times felt like I am a career coach, but a coach who has had no formal training and wondering often if I am giving the correct or best advice to my daughter. The career path our children choose will be one of the most important decisions they make. There are many factors and decisions involved in choosing the right career, it could mean the difference between great success in life and happiness or underachievement and unhappiness.

While I do question myself often as to my ability to be a career coach to my daughter, I am also the person who knows her best, at times even better than she knows herself.

My advice is coming from the heart and I only want to best for her, as we all do for our children.

So my thoughts on the matter are that at the present moment in her life, I am probably a pretty good career coach for her.

Again, while I do not consider myself a career coach I do think that I have some advice as a Mom to other parents of teenagers and kids in college as to how you can successfully put your kids on a career path early.

I have always talked to my daughter about my role as an elementary educator, how I came to the decision of why I wanted to be a teacher and the education involved. We in fact, as a family have always talked about what other family members and friends do for a living and discussed various aspects of their career choices. I wholeheartedly believe in very open communication and my motto is: talk, talk, talk!

I have also tried to let my daughter have hands on experience in what is involved with various careers such as when she was younger, I brought her to my work and had her help in my classroom for “take your child to work day.”

I have also tried to help my daughter find her interests and talents, for example she is very talented at drawing and art. So I have talked with her about the various careers that she could do that would involve art, I have also explained to her the importance of finding a career path that you truly love.

I feel the most important factor in helping to put your child on a career path early is being supportive of their wishes and dreams. I believe that at times, we as parents get so caught up in wanting the best for our children that our dreams gets intertwined with our children’s dreams.

So be sure to support, love and nurture your child in their career management decisions and remember that their career path is their path alone. You can guide along the way but know you will need to step off the path at times and let them find their own way.