Is The Ten Dollar Click Program A Scam?

By | January 15, 2014

Let me come straight to the point with the Ten Dollar Click Program. This is nothing but a paid to click website. So, what makes this special compared to other paid to click websites. Well, unlike other PTC websites which offer you .01 cents per ads you view, the Ten Dollar Click offers you $10 per site you view. Please note that this is not a scam site as many others have had great success with this site.

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The Ten Dollar Click program puts your cash earnings on the fast track. How? Well, their program allows you to earn more easily from the comfort of your own home. They pay you $10 per click and 50% of your referrals earnings. Once your account reaches at least $10,000 you can withdraw your earnings to your PayPal or Alert Pay Account.

Here are some of the Pros:

1. The Ten Dollar Click Program is Free to Join. 2. As a Free Member you earn $10 per click to view a site which is being advertised. 3. You earn 50% of your referrals earnings. 4. Registering to be a member takes a minute and your account is automatically approved so you could start clicking in a matter of minutes. 5. The site is beautifully designed and easy to navigate. No Complications involved. 6. Accurate earnings statistic page is shown for all members. 7. No limits as to how much of down line you can generate. 8. As a member you get an alternative to promote your own website through the Ten Dollar Click Program. 9. Free members who wish to upgrade themselves to a Monthly Gold Member get a 200% down line earnings, 5% bonus of referral purchases, 5% bonus with referral upgrades, 3000 link credits upon joining as well as 50000 banner credits upon joining. 10.Great html banners provided if you wish to promote the program in your website, blog or traffic exchange sites.

Here are some of the Cons:

1. You can only withdraw your earnings once it reaches at least $10,000 to your PayPal or Alert Pay Account. 2. Not too many sites to surf and click if you are a free member in the Ten Dollar Click Site. 3. Yearly Gold Membership up gradation charges are expensive (i.e. if you decide to upgrade as a gold member for a year). The other alternative is you could go for a gold up gradation were you need to pay on a monthly basis. 4. The site needs to come up with more promotional activities which will help members to earn even faster.

To conclude, The Ten Dollar Click Program is only for those who would like to earn some big cash over a period of time. This is not a get rich quick program, so patience is required.

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