What Are EMT Hours Like

By | April 10, 2014

National Registry Emergency Medical Technician (NREMT) EMT Registration Maintenance Proof of completion of a 24 hour EMT Refresher Course OR 24 hours of EMS CE (no more than 8 hours per day). Must be completed during current certification cycle.

Emergency Medical Technician-Ambulance: National Standard Curriculum, NHTSA would also like to recognize the following individuals and/or organizations for Revise basic course to be no more than 110 hours in length.! Add automated defibrillation

I have never been an EMT and would like to become one. How do I complete the requirements? A: 25 hours – Electives EMT-Paramedic 50 Hours Total 8 hours – Airway, breathing, and cardiology assessment and treatment.

16 Emergency Medical Technician Basic 18 Nursing Assistant TECHNICIAN BASIC (EMT) 252 Hours Program Objective MCB-105 Coding Compliance and Ethics 72 hours Coding Compliance & Ethics, like the other courses in this program

EMERGENCY MEDICAL RECERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS STATE EMT RECERTIFICATION – 32 HOURS May take 32 hour on line refresher Or Attend 32 hours of refresher on campus in an organized class

Total Recommended EMT-P Program Length . 1096 hours: REGISTRATION OF AN EMT-P EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM. To register an EMT-P program with the OEMS, the approved educational institution must submit a completed . Course Information Form

(For OEMS use only) Indicate EMT program level and hours approved. Indicate date review was completed, name, title and signature of reviewing authority. Attached explanation and return to originator if not approved. Title: EMT Continuing Education Training Program Application

An EMT may complete CME hours through any methodology, but 30 of the CME hours must be live, interactive hands-on training and skills pass-off through a certified EMS instructor. All CME must be related to the required skills and knowledge of an EMT.

DOH-5065 (06/12) 1 of 2 DIVISION Required Hours Hours Earned CIC Signature CIC Number Preparatory 1 Airway 2 Patient Assessment 3 Pharmacology/Med Admin/Emergency Meds 1

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