What Are The Duties Of An EMT

By | April 10, 2014

EMT-Basic Page 2 of 5 Level of Supervision Exercised: None. ESSENTIAL DUTIES Under medical direction, rovides basic emergpency care at the scene of an accident and while

Contained within the EMT position description, the EMS Captain will assist the assistant Chief with planning, Other duties as assigned by the fire chief or assistant fire chief. Equipment: Emergency response vehicles, fire apparatus,

The Emergency Medical Technician/Dispatcher is responsible for answering and processing Ability to perform duties in stressful and sometimes life‚Äźthreatening situations

Page 2 13. Consistently promote a professional image of the Fire District at all times. 14. Perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Fire Chief or other supervisor from time

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are an EMT, even with a job you might earn the princely sum of two dollarsan hour, unless you are in the city (whereconstantly on active duty escorting

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