What Are The Hours Of An EMT

By | April 11, 2014

EMT- Basic to Emergency Medical Technician Transition Course EMT-Basic to Emergency Medical Technician Page 5 Medicine (240 minutes – 4 hours)

EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIAN (EMT) REFRESHER REQUIREMENTS Issued 12/2011 Requirements NOTE: A total of 72 hours of refresher education is required to recertify.

Hours: EMT Basic; Advanced EMT: 1: Preparatory: content that may include scene safety, quality improvement, health and safety of the EMT, medical legal concepts: 2; OB. patient assessment and treatment. 2; Pediatric. patient assessment and treatment. 6; Trauma.

AEMT Course The Advanced Emergency Medical Technician Course must have a minimum course time of 160 hours (See AEMT Hours PDF). Students must satisfy the hospital and clinical skills requirement, but hours are not

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