What Is An EMT Job Description

By | April 18, 2014

2- 3 Job Description – Emergency Medical Technician – Basic Responsibilities: Emergency Medical Technicians-Basic (EMT-B) respond to emergency calls to provide efficient and

EMT Specialist (CCADP) Job Description Job Title Emergency Medical Technician Specialist Grade 13 Division City/County Alcohol & Drug Programs

JOB DESCRIPTION: Firefighter/EMT-Paramedic CLASS NO. 237 PAY GROUP: _____ FLSA: Non-Exempt OCC. CATEGORY: Skilled Craft JOB TITLE: Firefighter / EMT-Paramedic OBJECTIVE To provide emergency fire fighting, rescue

CITY OF FRANKLIN Job Description Job Title : Fire Fighter/EMT Department : Fire Appointing Authority: Fire Chief/Fire & Police Commission

Updated February 2014 Page 2 of 4 LOS ANGELES COUNTY APPROVED EMT PROGRAMS Organization Contact Person Address Registration Information Phone Email

Emergency Medical Technician is a practice discipline, with cognitive, sensory, affective and psychomotor performance requirements. Students entering the Bakersfield College EMT-1 course need to demonstrate the following Core Performance Standards identifying eligibility requirements for

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EMT – Basic Practical Skills Examination Sheets “Updates” Included on this page are the changes or updates that have been made to the EMT-B Practical Skills

Page 1 of 10 Form 06-1415 Rev. 09/2010 Application for Recertification: Emergency Medical Technician Section of Emergency Programs: Preparedness, EMS and Trauma

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