What Is The Average Salary For An EMT

By | April 20, 2014

Career Annual Base Salary EMT $32,000 in Tennessee as a Basic Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-B) or Emergency Medical Technician-IV (EMT-IV) or eligible for state license prior to acceptance into the program. grade point average.

Average starting Kentucky salary at entry level training in Kentucky Salary can be based on location, type, and size of practice; schedule; Emergency Medical Technician EMT-B $23,000 Medical Coder $30,000

Average salary: Salary range according to salary.com for EMT’s in Los Angeles for EMT-Basics is between $28,681 to 30,542 annually. Other pertinent data: Institute of emergency medical training

Average$Salary$ $38,668! 25th$Percentile$ $36,535.5! Median$Salary$ $42,215! 75th$Percentile$ $42,574!!! ! 1" 2" 3" $30,856.00$$ Advanced$EMT$StarQng$Wage$ Advanced"EMT"StarQng"Wage"!!!!! Low$Salary$ $27,163! High$Salary$ $39,007! Average$Salary$ $33,085!

The average salary paid by morgan county. *this information is available on the county website at www.co.morgan.co.us benefit % basic emt : 1716 emt * : 52 basic paramedic : 4391 basic emt : 2499 basic emt : 2499 emt * : 314 emt * : 128 emt * : 225 emt * : 239

Emergency Medical Technician 30-531-3 Technical Diploma • Basic Math Key to the student’s success as an EMT is a Range of yearly salary $2,808-$49,833 Average yearly salary $19,807 Graduate Employment Information

Health Career Title Describe Career and Duties Performed Education Requirements Average Salary Places of Employment Dentist (T) Dental Hygienist. Emergency Medical Technician/Basic. EMT-B. Emergency Medical Technician Intermediate. EMT-I Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic. EMT-P Medical

EMT-Basic; EMT-Intermediate, which has two levels called 1985 and 1999; and Paramedic. Some States, however, have their own certification faster than the average for all occupations through 2016. Job prospects should be good, particularly in cities and private am-bulance services.

Basic Member Contributions (BMCs) and are held in the Final Average Salary is defined as the greater of: Emergency Medical Technician 25-Year Retirement Plan #936 – Page 3 after March 17, 1996 shall be entitled to a disability benefit

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