What Is The Hourly Rate For An EMT

By | April 22, 2014

Hourly Rate: $18 per hour Work Hours: Typically 12 hour shifts — 24 hours per week Qualifications. Applications for Part-time Firefighter/EMT Basic can be obtained at the Clerk's Office, Human Resources Department or the Plymouth Township

The starting hourly rate for probationary paid-on-call personnel is $10.00 per hour. After a one year probationary period, and certification as a Firefighter I and/or EMT, the hourly rate increases to $16.60 per hour.

Even though the base hourly pay rate for our EMT’s is only $9.48 it still costs us $309,052 in payroll and benefits alone per year to staff just one ambulance 24 hours a

hourly rate Supervisor Name & Title: Starting Final Reason for Leaving: EMT-Paramedic EMT-Basic EMT-Intermediate EFD EMD EMT – Defibrillation State: _____ Expiration Date: _____ Other certifications and expiration dates: APCO

We pay our sitters and we invoice you for an agreed upon hourly pay rate or a flat fee to be paid upfront. The fee for occasional babysitting is $15 per hour for 4 hours or more. There is a minimum of 3 hours at $17.00/hr.

Solve to find the hourly rate for babysitting. Exit Ticket #1. Practice Page. 1. 2. 3. You earn $9 per hour. On major holidays, such as Thanksgiving, you earn twice as much per hour. You earned a total of $405 for the week including Thanksgiving. Write

Description Hourly Rate Journeyman Technician 20.00/ hour Special Needs Program Assistant Babysitting Student Supervision 9.00 / hour Noon Aide Substitute Pay Rate Schedule 2012 2013r.doc

Hourly Rate ($4.00): Total Amount Due: CMR 415 APO AE 09114 In-home Babysitting Child Care Voucher FOR TREASURER USE ONLY: Date Paid: _____ Check Number: _____ Account: Admin / Welfare Voucher Number: _____ gÞGCSC GRAFENWOEHR AND SPOUSES' CLUB . Author: Jennifer Damman Created

Number of Children Total Hourly Rate 1 – 3 kids (09:00 – 00:00) AED 65 1 – 3 kids (00:00 – 09:00) AED • Babysitting can be arranged by phone, email or in person.

Will need care Mon-Fri, the hours are not set in stone becausehowever you will know a week in advance what hours you willmost likely only be for five hours

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