Why is a career objective important to a resume?

By | December 7, 2013

Experts disagree on the importance, or benefits, of including a career objective in your resume. Experts do, however, agree that effectiveness of such an objective requires that the resume writer create a well-written resume that clearly conveys a sense of career plans and goals and those who prefer inclusion of the objective indicate some potential advantages to using one.


A clear objective on your resume provides the employer with a snapshot of your career goals, and gives employers a chance to preview such a resume, as described at the Professional-resumes website.


Also, as described at the Professional-resumes website, a positive objective gives the resume writer an opportunity to apply positive terms to the explanation of a job transition.


For recent graduates or a candidate seeking entry into a new professional field, an objective offers potential employers a summary of the desired career direction.


According to the Certifiedresumewriters website, the most effective resume objectives involve a clear statement of the resume writer’s career goals.

Field Impact

Some professional fields discourage the use of career objectives in resumes. The Leo.stcloudstate website gives journalism and mass communications as examples of highly competitive fields for which objectives in the resume are not favored.


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